1. enjoyed doing this poll

    • Thanks for your opinion!

  2. Didn’t specify handsfree or with handset for the cell question. Everything else is right on for sure!

  3. Based on what I see regular tests may be best way to stop the insanity. An inability to count to number 1 or the rediculous belief that left and right are interchangeable and intersections are for parking and fire lanes as well, needs to END!

    I said I act like a dominating parent, because if I see you do something stupid, I’ll tell you, you won’t like it, but like Simon Cowell ridcules singers, I ridicule motorists. I refuse to call a bad motorist a DRIVER, because a driver has skill a motorist does not.

    Reading and Math, read road signs, understand geometry, very basic tasks a 5 yr old could handle, yet 90% of the motorists I see cannot grasp either one.

    Test them every 5 yrs or whatever the license renewal is for, and see how many people do not pass. Our roads will be safer if they do, as much of the problem will need to re-test a lot.

  4. That was fun..would like to put something like this on my website……activity for the cause…Thanks Drive Safe

    • Thanks for playing along!

  5. Regs should be tough on teens but not because they’re teens. Regulations should be tough on everyone.

    No one talks about driver attitudes. For example:

    The two reasons why people take extra chances like driving drunk:

    I WANT
    I CAN

    Most people don’t have a strong desire to drive recklessly. However, all of us just don’t expect to crash -not even a minor fenderbender! So we feel we can afford to take chances we otherwise wouldn’t. That’s the primary reason people crash.

    Just poll people and ask them -When you went for a drive today, did you expect that you might be in a crash with fatalities or serious injuries? And poll people on driver attitudes, both good and bad attitudes.

  6. I have a blue tooth for incoming calls. I never make outgoing while driving.

  7. TY 4 offering this poll! Hope that it reaches the correct people so road safety will start to improve.

  8. The seatbelt question. I know smne who never wears his seatbelt and rarely signals. He had a few near misses like starting to climb a concrete freeway divider but he never crashed in his life. He can’t get auto insurance and thinks the system is unfair because of his “perfect” record for when it counts -crashes.

    What do you think about him? Should a driver be penalized for not obeying the fine points of driving or for having had crashes?

  9. Great questions. Having been in 8 car accidents in 14 years … all rear-enders related to cell phone. I believe that you can’t emphasize enough that cell phones are a huge distraction. Bluetooth is great and will help, but the texting is a severe problem.

    The notion that “it won’t happen to me” is actually a high probability that it will happen.

    My thoughts…. keep yourself safe and WATCH out for the other drivers on the road as well.

    • Ms. Lindberg,

      If U’d “Like” 2 Join me in my work 2 Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving! & other ways 2 END Distracted Driving Globally NOW, JUST REPLY HERE!

      Hands-free is as unsafe as any cell:


      specifically page 7.

      Driving & communicating on a technological device BOTH use the SAME PARTS of the brain, & R TRYING 2 do so @ the SAME TIME! 1 WILL ALWAYS B short-changed!! R U going 2 take the chance that it will B Ur driving that causes a 100% PREVENTABLE fatal crash?

      STAY SAFE!!! Sum1 LOVES U!!!!

  10. TY 4 the survey! We ALL must do everything we can 2 make our roads safer!! Pls Share the Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving Message!!!

  11. These are very valid questions concerning road safety! I enjoyed participating.

    • Thank you! Please share with your friends.

  12. TY 4 the poll! STAY SAFE: Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving!! 720 FREE safety reminder stickers + 30 site direstion stickers 2 Print on Avery 5260 labels @ http://myplace.frontier.com/~DriveSafely/

  13. I enjoyed answering the polls. i hope this will reach the concerned driver who actually needed this to improve our safe road environment. thanks!

    • Thank you. I hope they reach them as well.

  14. I think retesting drivers every time they renew would be a bit much but every 5 years or so might not be a bad idea! A refresher is always beneficial and from what I often see on the road, necessary!

  15. the best summer ‘car’ is my bicycle.
    The best way to beat high gas prices is to use my bicycle more.
    Besides, I feel better when I bike more.

  16. Great Poll Scott, I’ll get my followers & likers to participate too.


  17. I was a pharmaceutical sales rep for 11 years. You asked some great questions to open peoples eyes to every day issues seen out on the road. All the time I spent on the road and the things I saw led me to start my new free service. Clients will buy a bumper sticker and not spend another dime to let us in the “general public” keep an eye on driving irregularities. We’re hoping parents of young drivers take advantage. Please help us spread the word. We’re trying to make the roads safer, just like you. 🙂

    • Tell me more. As a crash survivor for the second time, (caused by others) I am very interested.

  18. Very nice list of polls.
    It was enjoyable to see what everyone else thought!
    I was surprised to see that most people agreed it is driver decisions that create collisions rather than road conditions.

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