This site is where I’ve posted real photos of real people. Some photos will be of interesting vehicles, some of interesting drivers and some of what drivers have done. Enjoy the photos and remember, you could be on here if you don’t take driving seriously enough.





Hamilton 2-20130417-00264




  1. I was always told Vette owners suffer from inferiority complexes, so they need 3 spots to compensate for their insecruities.

    The ’55 Chevy I have a model of, except my wheels don’t stay on.

    Is that Coffee Time on Islington?

    • My fav is the ’55 Chevy…love it! The Coffee Time was on a fishing trip past Lake Simcoe last year.

  2. Great idea! LOVE the old cars…

  3. I hope that’s a real Impala with 6 tail lights
    2000 on have been Imposters. That looks 1962-3 era 1967 was best.

  4. You just have to love the sign above the hearse saying live bait. You gotta wonder where they’re getting the worms from.

    • Nice “Catch” & Comment! (Think catch & release…)

  5. I’ve been watching cars in Central/East Ontario. I have the photos to prove it. Real wacko drivers out there. These, however, are lovely cars!

  6. The steering wheel is cool. I love the little suicide bar @ 1:00 O’Clock

  7. I meant on the BIG steeribg wheel up above. Not the little one u just posted.

  8. When I came 2 C the unusual steering wheel, I thought when I saw the first steering wheel: ? THEN I spotted the one that must B referenced: REMARKABLE! TY 4 Sharing!!

  9. That IS a wild looking steering wheel! No 10 & 2 happening there! Hopefully s/he never has to do emergency manoevers!

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