Driving Quiz


Take a look at these driving questions and check your answers with the answers page HERE! More questions will follow, so keep checking!

Check the Quiz Answers page to see how well you did!

1)    While driving to work, the best way to stay focused on driving is:

a)    Turn off the radio and drink your coffee slowly

b)    Listen to your favourite music

c)    Listen to the local traffic reports

d)    Sing

2)    When you see a driver tailgating you, you should:

a)    Slow down to send them a message that you’re annoyed

b)    Tap your brakes

c)    Change lanes to avoid them

d)    Speed up

3)    What does a yellow (amber) traffic light really mean?

a)    Slow down

b)    Stop if it’s safe to do so

c)    Caution

d)    Speed up because the red light’s coming

4)    What’s the most dangerous action that a driver faces each day they drive to work?

a)    Driving with annoying passengers in the backseat

b)    Turning left at traffic lights

c)    Parallel parking

d)    Freeway driving

5)    What’s the most commonly reported collision in North America?

a)    Head on crash

b)    Rear crash

c)    T-bone in an intersection

d)    Pedestrian struck

6)    When you’re stopped in traffic at a red light on the way to work, where should you be checking regularly?

a)    Traffic to the left and right

b)    Your hair

c)    Traffic approaching from behind

d)    Dashboard warning lights

7)    Which lane is the best lane to drive in while heading off to work?

a)    The left lane

b)    The right lane

c)    The lane that provides the safest travels at that time

d)    Doesn’t matter as long as I get there

8)    What’s the best way to avoid becoming late for work?

a)    Leave early in bad weather

b)    Listen to traffic reports and plan alternative routes

c)    Make early lane choices to avoid having to retrace your steps

d)    All of the above

9)   What’s the minimum safe following distance in the city on dry roads?

a)    2 car lengths behind the other vehicle

b)    3 car lengths behind the other vehicle

c)    20 metres behind the other vehicle

d)    2 seconds behind the other vehicle

10)  When are most fatal crashes happening?

a)    Sunday afternoons

b)    Friday night on a long weekend

c)    Rush hour

d)    Saturday’s

11)  When you’re low on fuel, when’s the best time to buy fuel for your vehicle?

a)    When the gas warning light turns on

b)    On the way to work

c)    On the way home from work

d)    When the prices drop

12)  You should check your rear view mirror…

a)    Every 5 to 8 seconds

b)    To check your make-up or hair

c)    When you think there may be a problem behind you

d)    After you apply the brake

13)    As you drive to and from work, what should you do once the red light turns green?

a)    Press the gas pedal

b)    Scan the intersection to see if it’s clear

c)    Honk at the sleeping driver ahead of you

d)    Immediately follow the driver ahead of you into the intersection

14)     If another driver shows that they’re road raging toward you, what should you do?

a)    Ignore them

b)    Drive away from them quickly

c)    Drive to a quiet, remote location

d)    Stare at them

15)     You’ve experienced construction on the way to work and have to detour; when are you legally allowed to do a U-turn?

a)    Never

b)    When the traffic clears

c)    When you have visibility of 150 metres in every direction

d)    When you have visibility of 60 metres in every direction

16)     What does a flashing amber traffic light mean?

a)    Caution

b)    Slow down

c)    Stop

d)    Nothing

17)     When approaching a Yield sign, what must you do?

a)    Stop; and proceed when clear

b)    Slow down; and proceed when clear

c)    Look left and right and proceed slowly

d)    Look left and right and proceed quickly

18)     What’s the distance you must stop behind a school bus when it has their red lights alternately flashing and the stop arm out?

a)    6 metres

b)    12 metres

c)    20 metres

d)    30 metres

19)     What’s the safest way to park in a large parking lot?

a)    Drive into the space; nose first

b)    Back into the space

c)    Drive through the space into the next one so you’re facing out

d)    Doesn’t matter as long as you do it safely

20)     What’s the best way to drive near cyclists?

a)    Change lanes completely well before you reach them

b)    Slow down while passing them

c)    Honk the horn to warn them

d)    Stay behind them until they turn off the road

21)     What’s the best way to overcome driving while drowsy after a long day at work?

a)    Drink coffee

b)    Get fresh air

c)    Take a break and rest

d)    Do exercises to get the blood flowing

22)     When are you allowed to turn LEFT on a RED light?

a)    Only if a sign says you can

b)    From  a one way street onto another one way street

c)    If a police officer isn’t watching

d)    Never

23)     When should cruise control be used?

a)    On flat, dry roads with light traffic

b)    Any fast moving road

c)    On any road conditions

d)    Going up hills

24)     What causes drivers to become distracted the most?

a)    Their personal thoughts

b)    Passengers

c)    Other drivers and vehicles

d)    Any of the above

25)    If your signals fail to work, how do you signal that you want to turn right?

a)    Left arm straight out the window

b)    Left arm pointing to the ground

c)    Left arm bent and pointing upwards

d)    Right arm pointing across the seating compartment

26)     If you’re driving to work and your brakes fail, what’s the best way to stop your vehicle?

a)    Pump the brakes

b)    Drive uphill until you stop

c)    Apply the parking brake

d)    Spin the vehicle sideways

27)     If you spot a spider in your vehicle while you’re driving, you should

a)    Squash it until there’s nothing left of it

b)    Ignore it

c)    Pull over and deal with it

d)    Pick it up and throw it out the window

28)     An emergency vehicle is approaching you from behind with their lights flashing and their siren blaring; what should you do?

a)    Keep driving so you can stay ahead of them

b)    Move to the right lane and keep driving

c)    Pull over and stop

d)    Nothing; it’s their responsibility to go around you

29)     If you’re involved in a collision, the first thing you should do is;

a)    Exchange information with the other driver

b)    Protect the scene

c)    Call your family

d)    Call your insurance company

30)     When approaching an all-way stop, with the choices given below, who should be given the right of way?

a)    The largest vehicle goes first

b)    The driver to the left goes first

c)    The driver on the right goes first

d)    The driver whose going straight goes first


  1. What’s the reasoning for #11? I answered it based on that theory that gas that’s underground is cooler in the morning and you will “get more for your money”, however, I never buy gas in the morning because I don’t have that much time.

    • It’s actually a myth regarding the “morning gas” allowing you to receive more for your money. When I first heard about that, I researched it and found there was nothing really that supported it. The ground is cooll all the time. The reasoning for my question was answered in your last statement; not enough time. If you buy fuel in the morning on the way to work, you have a time limit to get there. If you’re running late, you’ll become stressed behind the wheel. However, if you buy fuel on the way home, there’s less time restraints to get home.

  2. Howdy! This article – Driving Quiz The Safe Driver couldn’t be written much better! Looking through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept preaching about this. I most certainly will forward this information to him. Pretty sure he’s going to have a very good read. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I think that #30 should be rewritten. Shouldn’t the first rule of an all-way stop is you go in the order that you arrive and THEN if you arrive at the SAME TIME as another driver, the one to the right goes first?

    • You are correct that it is the first person who arrives that should be allowed to go first. With the choices given, it would be C) the driver on the right. I will take your suggestion though and re-write the question so it’s less misleading. Thanks!

  4. On question 27, what’s wrong with answer b) “Ignore it”? I am not afraid of spider at all.

    On question 29, your answer is b) “Protect the scene”. What does it mean “Protect the scene”?


    • Thanks for your comments. Ignore it essentially means to stay focused on your driving. To fine out what I meant by protect the scene, check out this article I wrote; http://bit.ly/gFuB4f to help explain it. Thanks again.

    • I *believe* the answer is “Pull over and deal with it” because if you just ignore the spider in your vehicle and crawls up and bites you, the pain might startle you; this could cause you to jolt and possibly jerk the wheel and crash the vehicle.

  5. I actually found this article very informative. So many people take basic safety fore granted, myself included and after taking this quiz I know of several areas I need to work on.

    • Thanks Brian. I appreciate the comment. Please share the quiz with others.

  6. Very good and helpful good jobr

  7. where are the answers????????????? they are not posted here so whats the point of doing this test if we cant see if we were right or wrong?

  8. A very good initiative to check one driver’s IQ test but you could have make this post look better by making those questions bold. It will help for better understanding of your readers. 🙂

  9. Answers for tested quiz

  10. its good for students participtaing in the road safety quizz . I really liked itttt😊😊😊
    thannkss for making this app

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