Posted by: safedriver | January 23, 2014

How to fail your road test

mannersAs most people I come to meet through Young Drivers of Canada they want to pass their road test and get their driver’s licence as soon as possible. Some of the students I’ve taught over the years actually want to drive safely. Passing the road test is just a step for them. Good thinking in my books.

Now, in most cases you can fail the road test by any violation of the law, a dangerous action and of course, a collision. Other factors would include poor observation on a regular basis and consistent errors of the same nature. These factors for failing are fairly consistent within most jurisdictions, but with this list, I’m trying to think outside the box.

Regardless of the goals you may set for yourself, I thought it may be a good idea to come up with a top 10 list to help people with their road test. Some top 10 lists have been done over and over again, so I had to be a little creative. After a long 15 seconds of thought, I decided what my top 10 list would contain. The following is the top 10 ways to fail your road test. *Not to be tried on an actual road test. See how many of these you may be tempted to do.


10. Lay on the horn and chase pedestrians out of the crosswalk.

9. Constantly ask the examiner out on a date.

8. Answer “Okay baby” after each instruction the examiner gives you.

7. Play the Fast and the Furious theme song while driving your road test.

6. Get dressed up for the test by wearing your birthday suit.

5. Use the parking brake to slide your vehicle sideways into your parallel park position.

4. Shift to neutral and rev the engine while looking at the driver next to you at a red light.

3. Curse aloud at the driver who just cut you off during their lane change.

2. Suddenly look over your shoulder out the rear window and yell “Crap! It’s the cops!”

1. Say to the examiner “Whatever you do, don’t open the glove box”.

This was certainly a fun tongue-in-cheek article to write and I hope you never end up doing any of these crazy things during a road test. I’m certain you won’t know anyone who has tried these things during their road test. Or have you? For anyone who has tried any of these things, you’ve created a lot of talk around the office water cooler…to say the least.



  1. This is a funny list and had me laughing out loud. I’ve taken a few strange people for their driving test over the years. Some of these items are things people actually do in their day to day driving, which is funny and scary at the same time.

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