Posted by: safedriver | August 13, 2013

TV cars from the 1960’s and 1970’s that I would drive…

6a0133f3b4d1c3970b0147e1da1341970bAs long as I can remember I wanted to drive. I used to sit behind the wheel of my dad’s big old car and pretend I was driving when I was a kid. When I was approaching 16 years old I bought car magazines just drooling at these magnificent machines. Did you have the same feelings growing up? I know I share many of the same thoughts and dreams with millions of people worldwide. I even bought magazines selling used vehicles that I would spend hours and hours looking through at the cool vehicles for sale. I had to be ready in case I won the lottery, right?

I also loved watching those great TV shows from the 60’s and 70’s while growing up because of the great cars. One of my favourite shows was The Rockford Files because of the Pontiac Firebird that was used. It ranged from a 1974 model up to the 1978 model with the gold paint scheme. I just loved watching that car move in the chase scenes. The reverse and then 180 degree turn never got old for me to watch. However, as a driving instructor for Young Drivers of Canada, I know this is not something I could ever teach. I guess that was saved for Canada’s Worst Driver when I was a judge during season 3.

vehicle_monkee_mobileAnother one of my other favourites was the car driven in The Monkee’s TV show, fondly called “The Monkeemobile”. I loved how the 1966 Pontiac GTO was built and loved the engine popping through the top of the hood. With the convertible top, it was so hot! Oops, I think I was drooling again. Couldn’t you see yourself driving that vehicle around town on a beautiful summer day? The same could be said for the power from the 1973 hero1Ford Gran Torino; red with a white stripe down the side from Starsky and Hutch. The “Striped Tomato” nickname wouldn’t stop me from wanting to drive it up and down the street. I can still hear the engine roar.



Now, my TV friends, let’s not forget about the General Lee; the 1968-1969 Dodge Charger which starred in The Dukes of Hazard. The big V8 engine would roar as Bo and Luke would get away from the local law. After watching that show for a few years I decided I wanted to enter my car through the open window. Needless to say it was a images (1)lot easier for Bo and Luke than it was for me. Glad I decided not to weld those doors closed. Watching Bo and Luke make those jumps and land so roughly, it was no surprise they used up between 250 and 320 Dodge Chargers. Such a shame.


MUNPerhaps the strangest of all vehicles that I would have loved to drive was the vehicle the Munster’s drove in the 1960’s sitcom; The Munster’s. It had a model T base to it, but was totally built by the studio. The high exhaust pipes coming from the manifold at the top of the engine looked awesome. I’m not sure if I would drive that vehicle or just admire it.


As you can see I haven’t lost my excitement for strange or hot cars in all these years. Which TV car is your favourite? I still dream when I see cars like this; real or on TV. Wouldn’t you?



  1. what? No Lincoln Futura aka the ’60s Batmobile????

    • I thought about the Batmobile…it really never did anything for me from the 60’s/70’s…the modern day one, now we’re talking!

  2. You would enjoy riding in my all original 66 GTO! I would also love to own a ‘General Lee’ but have to find one first. There was another famous Firebird driven by Burton Reynolds……remember that movie?……

    • Yes, The Cannonball Run was a great movie with awesome driving scenes!

  3. I’l take Kit from Knight Rider. Can’t remember the make of car but it was so cool.

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