Posted by: safedriver | July 4, 2012

Come on drivers, impress me!

Every now and then we see things that impress us throughout our lives. We see people helping total strangers in their time of need, which is very impressive within our society. Many people feel they either don’t want to get involved or just don’t know what to do to help. I was impressed a few times recently and as some say, I don’t impress easily. Do you?

Seeing drivers do the proper things while driving gives us all hope of reaching our destination safely and on time. When drivers do nice things as well, I’m extra impressed. I’ve often talked about using your manners while driving. By doing so it allows you to feel good about yourself, but also helps others feel good about their society. Perhaps that positivity even becomes contagious with other drivers.

While heading off to my classroom to teach a course of new drivers at Young Drivers of Canada I noticed an emergency vehicle approaching me in the opposite direction with its lights flashing and siren blaring. All the drivers in both directions pulled over and stopped immediately, including the drivers behind me to allow that vehicle to pass by. How impressive was that? So many times I see drivers doing the wrong thing, so it’s always nice to see drivers doing the correct and respectful thing.

While my kids and I were heading off to a baseball game recently, we spotted a driver with a stalled vehicle at the edge of an intersection. I know we see that happen from time to time, but we also spotted another driver stopping and getting out of their vehicle to help push the vehicle out of the way. What a nice thought. Kind of warms your heart, don’t you think?

Too many drivers become very selfish when they drive. They only think of themselves and not anyone else. It’s never too late to change though. I’ve taught my kids to help others when they see the need for it. A couple of winters ago my two young sons helped a driver down our street get unstuck from a snow bank. My oldest son was only 13 at the time, but he knew what the driver should have done. That driver actually listened to him and they were freed. My sons came back to tell me and I was impressed, both as a driver and as a parent.

As the old Scout saying goes, do a good turn every day. Maybe not every day, but when you see someone who needs help. Sometimes that help may only seem minor to you, but to the other driver, it is a bigger deal. Let someone into your lane if the other lane is ending. Let someone onto your road if you’re stopping anyway. Not only will it help someone in need, it will help you feel good about yourself too.


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