Posted by: safedriver | May 13, 2012

Do you have respect for yourself?

One of the main jobs we have as parents is to teach our kids to respect other people and their property. My parents did the same thing with my sister, brother and I and that allowed me to understand what it takes as a parent. We were constantly told to stay off the neighbour’s front lawn, to help if someone needed it and to return the greeting if someone asked us how we were doing. If that sounds familiar, can respect for others and their property overflow into driving?

Having respect for other road users, and yourself, means the roadways can be safer and easier for others to use them. Perhaps the first thing we should respect is ourselves and our own property; such as our vehicle. The things I’ve seen other drivers do with their own vehicles is nothing but shocking since they can destroy their own property in the blink of an eye; thus causing them financial loss.

I witness other drivers in expensive vehicles tailgating other drivers. If the lead driver had to stop or brake remotely hard, the front end of the tailgating vehicle would be destroyed. Considering the front of the vehicle is where most of the detailed and expensive parts are located, it can cause thousands of dollars of damage if it was hit hard into another vehicle. Have these drivers thought about this? Do they even care? I’m sure they wouldn’t put their big screen TV on their driveway and use it a hockey net while playing street hockey. If they wouldn’t want anything to happen to their expensive possession such as a TV, why would they do worse with their more expensive vehicle?

Tailgating is only one disrespectful thing drivers do. What about speeding and weaving in and out of traffic? Cutting off other drivers as they race toward, you guessed it, red lights. Respecting the other driver and their passengers probably didn’t even cross their minds. They seem to drive as if they were on a race track. If they have these urges, why not suggest they learn how to do it safely on a race track? It could really be a fun hobby if it’s done safely where it should be done.

I often wonder if these drivers have any respect for the risks they put themselves, other drivers who may make a sudden move or a pedestrian who may step out in their path. That sudden change in their forward progress would most likely cause that driver to swerve out of the way and perhaps injure or kill them or someone else. Do they even have respect for themselves?

As Aretha Franklin sang about in the song R E S P E C T; all I need is a little bit of respect. But maybe you should give yourself a lot more respect so that you and other drivers can make it home safely each day.


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