Posted by: safedriver | February 9, 2012

Would you have the nerve?

I was recently speaking with co-workers when we were discussing driving manners. We included our chat about drivers who park in handicapped reserved parking spaces without permission. What I mean by permission is the permits that are given to those who need it. My father-in-law needs to park there since he has severe difficulty walking. He doesn’t drive any longer, so we have that permit in our minivan. Do you know anyone who needs to park in a handicapped reserved space? Have you seen drivers park there that don’t have the proper permit to do so? Have you done anything about it?

Drivers with these permits or their passengers need the extra space to get in and out of their vehicle. Sometimes they may have a walker or a wheelchair to into or out of as well. A regular size parking space doesn’t give them enough space to maneuver. Using proper manners, etiquette and respect for others is important in everyday life, but especially while driving. How would you feel if the role was reversed? What if you or your family member needed to use one of those parking spaces but it was being used by someone who didn’t need it? Would you feel angry or frustrated?

If that’s the case, park in spaces that are for the general public and avoid taking the specialty spaces from those who need them. Respect those people with the permits to park there. The amount of time it would take you to park further away from the door and then walk to the store is very minimal. In reality, it’s only roughly another three to eight seconds to walk to your destination, depending on how many spaces away you are and how fast you walk. Since you are more mobile than someone else who may not be, why not park where you should?

Since I have a permit in my vehicle for my father-in-law, you would think I would be tempted to use it, especially with four young kids; but I’m not. I do respect those who need to use those spaces. I personally would feel bad to make anyone walk much further than they may be physically able to. Wouldn’t you?


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