Posted by: safedriver | October 25, 2011

Canada’s Worst Driver 7…..the updates

I had recently written an intro to Canada’s Worst Driver 7 where I gave an insight to this year’s participants of Afiya Lassy, Sly Grosjean, Lauri Bencharski, Ben Reiman, Tab Parks, Jon Parsons, Shirley Sampson and Aaron Cheshire You may want to review that before reading this post.

Afiya has an attitude that will eventually injure; or perhaps even kill her or someone else one day. There’s no remorse for her actions and when she first got to the rehab centre, she refused to talk about her driving on the way there. Can you say spoiled child? She also has no idea where the outer perimeter of her vehicle is in tight spaces. She’ll crash and crash again and again.

Episode 2 didn’t really see much of a change for Afiya. She lost her patience while driving across rails. She did 110 km/h instead of the requested 60 km/h on the eye of the needle and laughed about it. While backing up the bus, she hit 59 objects and said “I only use my mirror to put on make up”. When she said she doesn’t care about being a bad driver, I became quite concerned. She continues to act like a spoiled child and continues to get supported by her friends for acting irresponsible. She says she will learn to be better so she can leave the show. Will she learn or act her way off the show?

Episode 3 saw Afiya admit that she’s slows down while texting. After hitting objects and slowing to 10 km/h on the distracted course, she promised Aaron she wouldn’t text and drive ever again…hmmm. Was it an acting job, or was it a sincere promise? We all saw improved attitude during most of her challenges, but not flawless driving. I think her true attitude showed toward the end of challenges as she hit things. when she spoke to the experts she said “I’m just becoming a better person.” What about becoming a better driver? Who is she trying to convince?

Episode 4 didn’t show a lot of improvement for Afiya. While backing up the trailer she tried to succeed, but ended up hitting 47 objects. Her mentality to driving has remained consistent throughout each challenge. She doesn’t seen to care about whether she hits anything and shows her temper often enough to become a risk to herself and others. During the difficult 3 point turn, she said “I don’t think French people do that.” Really? No one turns their vehicle around in Quebec? It’s all about knowing where your vehicle is; including the wheels when doing low speed maneuvres. The water tank challenge showed her jerky driving skills…yet again. If she changes her driving mentality, she can become a safer driver.

Episode 5 didn’t really see much of a change in Afiya’s driving or attitude. In the parking lot challenge, Afiya was the 4th driver to find a suitable parking space and her parallel parking went well. That’s where the positive ended. She lost her composure after she hit the gas too harsh and drove the vehicle off the rails during the “trough” challenge. The attitude continued after she failed the skid school challenge because she didn’t release the brake so she could steer to safety. I was surprised that she apologized to Andrew in front of the judges for her attitude. Was that a sincere apology or an act? She’ll need to improve more than what she’s doing if she wants to graduate any time soon.

After 6 episodes Afiya is finally taking responsibility for her driving. It definitely helped to have a session with the psychologist before her first challenge because she told the judges at the end of the episode that she wasn’t ready to graduate yet. Good call since she took 17 attempts to get through the “snow plow” session, went too fast with each of the 8 attempts of the “car curling” challenge and hit the moose and many objects in the “swerve and avoid” challenge. If Afiya is going to graduate, she’ll need to learn quickly from each attempt of each challenge.

The trend continued during episode 7 for Afiya. During the first challenge of turning around between concrete barriers, she did well and took her time. Only minor bumps happened until the end; when she hit the gas and left a long mark on the side of the vehicle. If only she could have stayed focused during the entire challenge. The ‘donut’ challenge didn’t go as well as planned. She was looking where she wanted to go, but forgot the training she was given and failed this challenge. She did the proper steering, but too soon and before she got the back of the car spinning out. afiya could do the ‘reverse slalom’ correctly, but because they put a time limit on the task, she couldn’t do it safely. She ended up spinning out because she sped up to complete within 30 seconds. The final challenge of driving the truck kept Afiya focused and she succeeded with minor bumps. Is making minor bumps for Afiya success? Would it be success for you?

Sly is completely confused about driving. He seems surprised when something goes wrong. Holding his GPS in his hand doesn’t seem wrong to him, however he still makes huge mistakes while driving. In the first challenge, he lost control of his vehicle because he’s not used to making his own decisions. When will he learn to think like a responsible adult driver?

Episode 2 saw Sly not use his mirrors for both driving along the rails and for backing up the bus. Why would you look forward to drive backwards? Would you look backwards to drive forwards? While backing up the bus, Jon directed him. Again, Sly doesn’t think like a driver. This will take time to help his driving. First they’ll have to teach him to think for himself.

During episode 3, Sly went off course while driving the distractyed driving challenge while eating and then promptly asked “When are you supposed to eat?” How about at home or the restaurant? Sly still has problems about driving in general and drove off course and hit things because he was looking forward while driving backwards and went too fast during the blind spot check challenge. Control your vehicle first Sly!

Episode 4 saw Sly remain…Sly. He’s confused, lacks focus and understanding of his vehicle. He forgot the training he received for the trailer challenge. He still doesn’t know where to look to maneuvre his vehicle and doesn’t think about stopping to reposition his vehicle. The same can be said for his 3 point turn ability as he fell off the platform used for this challenge. He asked for the instructions to be written down because he suffers from “Non-Verbal Learning Disorder”. Typically, people with this disorder have excellent memory for things they have heard. I think Sly has poor short term memory and poor focus. He should look into some cognitive training. He’ll be around for awhile.

Episode 5 saw some consistency with Sly and his driving; but not in a good way. Sly still has trouble knowing where his vehicle is. during the parking lot challenge he parked safely, but didn’t know if he was between the lines. He was shown how to parallel park and also had the instructions written down, but he failed to complete a proper parallel park in 30 minutes. To finish off his troubled ways, he ‘gunned’ the gas during the “trough” challenge and punctured the gas tank. What would possess him to try something like that? His final challenge of the skid school wasn’t too successful either as he exceeded the 50 km/h speed and couldn’t control the skid; especially while wearing sandals. Open-backed shoes are terrible driving shoes by the way.

I don’t think anyone has seen much imrovement from Sly during episode 6. he still doesn’t know what his vehicle does and where it is on the road. he hits vehicles and doesn’t realize it. After looking well ahead during the “snow plow” challenge, he passed! I didn’t realize that looking well ahead was the solution; he said if he went faster it was easier to steer. Seriously? He completely destroyed the “swerve and avoid” course as he sped up to 100 km/h instead of the requested 70 km/h. He also locked his wheels while braking and stared at the ‘mountain’; which allowed him to go straight toward it. Sly’s driving errors are too many to list in this brief update.

Episode 7 and Sly did not get along. He drove head on into the concrete wall during the first challenge. During that challenge he had no idea how to move the car in short spaces. The information he received in earlier challenges went in one ear and out the other. That resulted in him getting stuck many times. He kept asking for help. Does he do that during his delivery job? Sly couldn’t do a donut during the ‘donut’ challenge. He drove circles around it at low speed and asked if he was doing donuts. He completely forgot his training for that challenge as well. He also forgot how to back up. He failed to become anywhere close to the ‘reverse slalom’. He was confused with his steering and had absolutely no idea of what he was doing. The same can be said about maneuvering the truck during the final challenge. He had to figure things out himself; which lead him to seriously think about giving up driving…permanently.

The final episode saw Sly drive like Sly does; he hit things and got confused. During the first challenge; the reversing challenge, Sly immediately turned the steering wheel and not only bumped into the wall and cars, he pounded into them! He still hasn’t grasped the idea of aiming your vehicle where you want it to go. He had to look at the exit of the lane and let his peripheral vision help him get through it. He also needed to keep his hand near the top of the steering wheel so it can be balanced; which would stop the side to side motion. I really felt bad for the 1967 Chrysler Newport he was driving. During the Mega Challenge he checked his notes before starting, but that didn’t really help him a lot. He continued to look at objects and hit them. I lost track of how many times he lost control of his vehicle. He also forgot to unlock his wheels during the “Icy Challenge” and hit the wall. He knew he made that mistake…after he crashed. Sly surprised a few people when he drove the road test and made some promises, including not using his phone while driving. I wonder if he’ll remember those promises. His biggest problem was not finding street signs. He relies on his GPS to help him at home. Maybe he also needs his eyes tested, that or learn where to look to find them.

Lauri distracts herself each time she drives. She drove without her hands on the steering wheel on the way to the rehab centre as they were holding a water bottle and food. What if she hit a pothole or debris and she wasn’t holding onto the wheel? Wouldn’t that create a higher degree of risk to everyone near her? When she did her first challenge she did okay until the “symbolic” animals were placed back into her vehicle (including the “scarf-dog”). They became distractions and she couldn’t complete the challenge as easy as she started it.

During episode 2 Lauri was successful driving along the rails; mainly because she had total focus on her driving. She had left her family pets at home and you could see her focus on her face. She also had total focus during the eye of the needle (with only a slight touch with the side mirror) and while backing up the bus. For the bus, she had a clean run mainly from little distractions. I think the solution is simple; remove the distractions and driving improves.

Lauri was probably the most focused driver during this entire episode. She emotionally admitted to Aaron that multi-tasking while driving was ridiculous. She did very well with other challenges and has stayed focused throughout. I’m glad she left her family pets out of the car for the remaining challenges. Will she do that when she has her own choices to make back home?

Ben daydreams while driving. On the way to the rehab centre he didn’t know how fast he was driving most of the time because of the scenery and from being distracted by the signs he saw. He does lack focus while driving…BIG time. His first challenge showed what many drivers have issues with; he drives where he looks. That meant he drove over objects and into objects because he was looking at them. Will he learn?

Ben, Ben, Ben. Episode 2 saw his problems continue. He failed to look behind him while backing along the rails and hit the finish sign at the end. He hit every arch and did 90 km/h instead of 60 km/h during the eye of the needle and finally, he had 29 hits while backing up the mini bus. That may have surprised him since he has a bus driving license. There’s a lot of work ahead of Ben if he’s going to improve.

The interesting thing about Ben during episode 3 was that he felt he should graduate after this episode, even though he mowed down the course during the distracted driving challenge. He did learn how to maneuvre the vehicle in a tight space…eventually (after knocking down a bunch of objects). He managed to do a blind spot check, but it was very long. He also did 90 km/h instead of the requested 60 km/h. Any sense of reality for Ben as a driver? The good news was he seemed more focused, just not enough yet.

Episode 4 saw Ben and his with, Jan, get along better in the vehicle. That was a major issue for the two of them. He stayed focused on the trailer challenge and did well! He managed to get his vehicle turned around on the 3 point turn, although it turned into a 7 point turn. He decided to have some fun with the water tank challenge and soaked Jan at the start. After that, he drove fairly smooth. The reverse flick was almost successful; or was it? His wife gave encouragement instead of criticism. I think that was a step in the right direction for these two.

Tab is a nervous wreck. Her personality is full of emotional changes. She had to pull over and stop and also gave up a few times on the way to the rehab centre. Low self-esteem is huge with Tab. She needs to gain confidence in herself before gaining confidence in her ability as a driver. In the first challenge, she showed fear, doubt and anger in a matter of seconds. She started to cry and close her eyes while the vehicle was in motion. Does she need therapy or driving lessons?

Tab started episode 2 with the comment that she doesn’t need to know where her wheels are when she’s driving. What about when parking or when avoiding an object on the road? Once she learned where her wheels were in relation to her vehicle, she did well when driving across the rails. During the eye of the needle she went over 100 km/h instead of 60 km/h and missed driving through an arch. The final challenge saw Tab go off course and hit 20 objects while backing up the mini bus. Did her anxiety cause these errors? She finally admitted to the experts that she doesn’t look far enough ahead while driving. That’s the first step to improving; admitting she needs to improve.

Episode 3 saw Tab wander in her lane…while driving straight. The moment her mind wandered, so did her car. Was her confession to Aaron about never trying to multi-task while driving sincere enough? Time will tell. Tab learned how to maneuvre the vehicle in tight spaces, but her “road rage” attitude took over and she started yelling and then hit things with her vehicle. That loss of control should be a good lesson to everyone. Her nervousness got the best of her as she did 80 km/h instead of 60 km/h on the blind spot check challenge. By the way, she thinks she should graduate this episode. Ummm…no!

Tab remained her nervous self during episode 4. On the trailer challenge she hit 26 objects…and the barn. She, like Sly, forgot the training she had received prior to this challenge. During the 3 point turn challenge she failed to use all of the space and ended up doing a 9 point turn. Again, it seems that her anxiety and nervousness stops her from understanding where her vehicle is during low speed maneuvres. She gave up on the reverse flip challenge after 3 tries because of her shakiness. After all of the challenges were over, she finally admitted that her nervousness and shakiness and emotions are affecting her driving. That’s a good first step toward her progress.

Tab stayed relatively calm during the start of episode 5 and the parking lot challenge. She was the 3rd person to park and didn’t shake much at all. Her shaking started during her parallel parking, although she did pass it after enough attempts in the 30 minutes she was allowed. I don’t think downtown Calgary would allow her 30 minutes to parallel park. The positive changes happened during the “trough” challenge when she decided to think for herself. She didn’t pass it, but she made good strides. Oh yeah, she also couldn’t steer her vehicle out of the skid school on each of her 3 attempts.

Tab made a big breakthrough during episode 6; and I don’t just mean a break through the objects. Tab had a session with the psychologist before her first challenge and it seemed to help keep her calm. She was told to visualize herself doing the challenge. This helped he avoid the intense shaking; which allowed her to pass the “snow plow” challenge after the 7th attempt. During the “car curling” challenge she was the only driver to get a rock in the rings, but she wasn’t sure how or what she did to achieve it. During the “swerve and avoid” challenge she accelerated to 80 km/h and wiped out the vehicle. When she did the required 70 km/h she succeeded, even though she was shaking. As I said, a big breakthrough for Tab during this episode.

Jon has issues that he can blame on his father. Jon’s father has a Corvette and likes to drive it fast. John has learned the same irresponsible attitude from him. He didn’t seem to care about other road users as he drove to the rehab centre. He drove the vehicle as fast as he wanted to; fast enough to have his license suspended and the vehicle impounded. His speeding got him into trouble during the first challenge. There’s a time and place for higher speeds, but this wasn’t the time or place.

Jon’s need for speed saw some success during episode 2. He went quickly across the rails and did fine. He drove well during the eye of the needle and had a clean run. During that challenge he stayed completely focused on his task. There was no thrill seeking in his eyes that time. The last challenge of backing up the mini bus saw Jon start off quickly, but that caused him to hit a few objects. He slowed down after that and saw success once again. Did Jon learn something? He said that Aaron’s story made a lot of sense to him. He vowed not to speed or text while driving. I hope he means it.

Shirley is a timid driver, afraid of traffic in general, knows very little about the rules of the road or road signs. We all knew this ahead of time, but she proved it on the way to the rehab centre. She stopped in the middle of the highway when she didn’t know where she was going and couldn’t follow basic signs to help her. During the first challenge, she “amputated” some of the objects. Where you look is where you go. Why not look into the space as opposed to the objects?

Shirly started episode 2 well. She was successful with driving along the rails. There was calmness with her driving. That’s when success stopped for Shirley. She hit every arch during the eye of the needle and stated “I’m a big disappointment”. Low self esteem? Doing 80 km/h instead of 60 km/h didn’t help her. Jerky steering also disn’t help her success, along with her daughter screaming at her the whole time. Backing up the mini bus saw limited success. She stayed calm but hit 13 objects. During this challenge her daughter was outside the bus. Was this the key to her calmness while driving?

Episode 3 saw Shirley also mow down many items on the distracted driving challenge. Her daughter, Janis, wasn’t a great help as she was screaming throughout. Janis acted as another distraction there. Shirley gave up on the “S” turn challenge as she failed to learn how to maneuvre the vehicle in tight spaces. That exercise is basically how to parallel park your vehicle by the way. However, she did learn how to do a blind spot check properly and passed that challenge. Will she go home soon, or benefit from staying a little longer? Any good advice will be good for Shirley’s driving but will that be enough?

Shirley gave up driving the trailer during episode 4 because she had multiple hits. That may be a good thing, but does that also mean she would just stop in difficult driving situations? She has and does do that in traffic. She remained calm during the 3 point turn challenge, even though she did a 31 point turn. Yes, I said a 31 point turn. As stated in previous posts, she did better when her daughter Janis wasn’t in the vehicle, especially during the water tank challenge. What does Janis need to do to help her mom? I know; stay out of the vehicle when Shirley is driving.

Shirley started episode 5 a little rough. Her daughter Janis grabbed the steering wheel during the parking lot challenge, which caused a penalty and she finished last in the challenge. She still seems to want others to help her making driving choices. Once Shirley realizes that she must make the driving choices, maybe she’ll improve enough to graduate. The interesting thing is once Janis refused to help her, she did ok. Maybe Janis needs to do that more. Shirley fell off the “trough” and was asking for help the entire challenge. The final challenge of the skid school saw Shirly have target fixation and hit the wall each time. At the end of it she said she had learned a lot. Talking about it is fine, but doing it is what’s more important. Will Shirly finally be able to DO it well enough to graduate?

Shirley also made a big breakthrough during episode 6. She would succeed when she made her own driving choices instead of relying on Janis making them for her. Like any driver, she needs to make adjustments to her driving based on her experiences. She did the same thing 8 times with the “car curling” challenge by going slowly. If ‘plan A’ doesn’t work, you need to use ‘plan B’ and ‘plan B’ can’t be ‘plan A’ louder. In other words, don’t do the same thing expecting to get a different result. She did apply changes to the final challenge of the “swerve and avoid” by aiming into her space instead of at objects. Shirley’s getting there….slowly.

Shirley entered episode 7 with a bang. She had multiple hits against the concrete wall as she tried to maneuver through that maze. To finally exit the course, she spin the vehicle and scraped the side of the vehicle against the concrete wall. The ‘donut’ challenge was a disaster. Shirley tried 4 times and couldn’t do it. She ended up hitting the wall 4 times; including driving through it and not slowing down until Janis yelled at her to stop. Shirley’s reversing has improved, but she failed to do it within the 30 seconds she was given. Was 30 seconds too short? The final challenge of driving the truck didn’t happen. She refused to do it. Maybe that was a good thing. Knowing your limitations is a good step.

The final episode saw Shirley take off with flying colours! She took 19 seconds to do the Reversing Challenge and was so happy for her success. She had her eyes looking exasctly where she wanted to go. The Mega Challenge saw a variety of good and bad. She hit a total of 7 objects during this challenge, partly because of too much speed. Overall, not too bad for Shirly, although hitting anything isn’t so good when you’re on public roads. The on road challenge saw a different side to Shirley. She constantly gave up her right of way, she made a variety of illegal moves; mainly because of sloppiness with he driving skills. the BIG errors came when she was on the freeway. She did 50 km/h in a 100 km/h zone. A completely dangerous maneuver for any driver to witness! Oh yeah, she also went the wrong way on a one way street and came face to face with a local police officer. He let her go with a warning…and probably a smile. In total, 26 moving violations during Shirley’s 15 to 20 minute drive.

Aaron has a true reason to be there; he wants to become a better driver. The only problem is that he can’t remember how to drive like he once did before the crash that almost killed him. He tended to forget his directions on the way to the rehab centre. During his first challenge his father helped him think like a driver should. During the slalom, he completely annihilated one of the objects. He hit it so dead on, it flew high in the air. Can Aaron be rehabilitated?

Aaron tried so hard during episode 2. You could see his effort in his face. Unfortunately, he didn’t know which way to turn his wheels to correct his steering errors while driving along the rails. He stated “I never feel comfortable” when he drove the eye of the needle as he made 2 hits to the arches. The final challenge with the mini bus saw him take control and yell at his fellow participants to be quiet. That worked as he did fairly well with this challenge.

During episode 3 Aaron forgot how to maneuvre the vehicle with the “S” turn, so Andrew hopped into the vehicle to show him again. Aaron’s dad, Lee, kept making choices for Aaron to help him, but it wasn’t working. Did Aaron finally realize he has to do it on his own? During the blind spot challenge, Aaron did 80 km/h instead of 60 km/h and spun the vehicle. A total loss of control. After some practice, he was able to pass it on the second attempt. Is that what they need; practice? Remember, practice makes permanent. Practice the wrong things and they become the habits.

Episode 4 saw Aaron start off where he left off from episode 3. His dad isn’t helping Aaron as much as Aaron may be relying on. Once Andrew got into the vehicle, Aaron seemed lost during the trailer challenge. He gave up on that challenge. He did an 11 point turn during the 3 point turn challenge. Part of the problem is that he still wasn’t sure which way to turn his wheels. He’s had this problem often on low speed skills. The water tank challenge wasn’t smooth at all. He even said “I think I just peed a little bit” when water was gushing into the vehicle. He was confused during the reverse flick, but then who wasn’t?

Episode 5 saw Aaron pass every challenge. He did much better once his dad, lee, stopped giving him advice. Aaron had finally learned that he had to make his own choices while driving. He had enough nerve to tell his dad to be quiet. Maybe more people need to tell their passengers to be quiet. It was a big step forward for Aaron.

What can I say about Aaron during episode 6? He wasn’t aware of when he hit objects during the “snow plow” challenge. Part of that problem was that he was traveling less than the required 20 km/h speed and was looking at the edge of the plow and not well ahead. There are a lot of advantages to looking well ahead that I’ve written about previously. Aaron had the same problem with the “car curling” that Shirley had. Therefore; he couldn’t and didn’t pass that challenge. Not aiming where you want to go is a big part of Aaron’s problem, until he did the “swerve and avoid” challenge. he passed it on his first attempt. The good news is that Aaron’s trying every challenge now to make his own driving decisions. He’s not always asking his dad for help. Which is good considering his dad, Lee, wasn’t always correct.

Episode 7 saw Aaron struggle once again. He hit the wall many times during the first maze challenge. During that challenge he asked his dad for advice many times. I thought he learned he needed to make his own choices? He drove lap after lap around the maple leaf without doing a proper donut during the ‘donut’ challenge. He hit the wall and the maple leaf each time simply because he looked at them. Was this challenge too difficult for each driver? Would this ‘skill’ really be needed in the real world? The ‘reverse slalom’ didn’t go so well as Aaron failed to look behind him while he was reversing. That caused him to hit many objects and ultimitely cause him to lose any confidence he had. That may have been the reason he took so long to drive the truck during his last challenge and why he hit objects. Driving sense seemed to leave Aaron during episode 7.

The final episode saw Aaron take 5 minutes and 5 seconds to back the vehicle up. Now, that IS a little on the slow side, but he did do it safely. Whoever said backing was a race? However, he was asked, like the others, to do this within 20 seconds. When he sped up, he ended up hitting many objects on the sides. Part of that was his left hand was in the same position that Sly had his; which caused his car to wander constantly. During the Mega Challenge he only hit 4 objects in total, but forgot to brake during the Icy Challenge. There’s still some confusion going on in Aaron’s mind. The final on road challenge saw Aaron immediately go through a stop sign. However, after that he drove quit well and stayed focused. Was that because his dad wasn’t there to “help” him? He actually looked competent during this 15 to 20 minute drive.

Denial is huge for most of these drivers. Some say they are a good driver and Tab said she was an 8 out of 10. Really? I’m sure glad there’s a therapist on the panel.

Episode 2 saw Lauri and Jon in the running to graduate from the show. Lauri said she could benefit from more instruction, so Jon graduated.

Episode 3 saw lots of emotion from the distracted driving challenge, but the best emotion was the determination of Lauri to improve her driving. She was the graduate during this episode.

Episode 4 saw a nice surprise. Ben improved enough to help his relationship with his wife and to stay more focused on his driving. He was the next graduate.

The end of episode 4 saw the plug for better driving schools. Ben admitted that he took the cheaper school to save money. Did those crashes save him money? You can’t beat quality training. It may cost more at the start, but save you a bunch of cash in the long run.

Episode 5 saw no one graduate. The experts all said the Aaron couldn’t graduate, but why not? He was the only one to pass every challenge. I think they all forgot the message; the driver who improved the most could graduate. It’s not about who becomes a good driver. Aaron said he wanted to learn more, but when Andrew said he wasn’t going to graduate, he seemed disappointed. Were you?

There were two drivers on the short list for graduation during episode 6, but Tab got the nod. Well done Tab.

Episode 7 saw only one person close enough to graduate; Alfiya. The judges remembered that the most improved driver was allowed to leave the show. Will Afiya be true to herself and continue to drive safely or will she go back to her former self?

Keep checking out each week for updates for Canada’s Worst Driver 7. It won’t be pretty.

So, after reading what happened to the final 3 participants, who was Canada’s Worst Driver? I was a little surprised with the final verdict, but it was Shirley. Both Sly and Shirley could seriously injure themselves or other people, but it was Shirley’s final on road drive that clinched it for her. She improved during the challenges, but in reality, needs to learn how to merge safely onto a freeway. She’s a nice person, but has to stop giving up her right of way. Be more agreesive Shirley and you’ll be fine. Take professional driver training, like Young Drivers 0f Canada to help you learn to merge safely onto a freeway. It will also help you build up your confidence. The same can be said for anyone; learn to control your fears and move on. Change what doesn’t work. After all, if it doesn’t work, do something else…anything else.

And remember…drive safely.



  1. Scott, it is quite a group. Denial, avoidance, ego and genuine need. Should be interesting to see who learns, who eats humble pie and who starts to see themselves in their driving.

  2. I truly enjoyed reading your theories and write -ups on this.!! looking forward to next weeks:)

    • Thanks so much L.B!

  3. I find it hard to watch and more then once I had to leave the room. It scares me how our system would allow them to drive in the first place. You know if this was England, France, or Germany they would all be on the bus or taking a taxi.


  4. Oh sly he sled into curb once and wondered if he should sue the city of lethbridge. Lol

  5. I can understand why Aaron hasn’t graduated yet.

    First, he still needs help. Even when he passes a challenge, you sometimes wonder if he were just lucky to get through it. Because whenever he fails a challenge, he still fails them somewhat dramatically such as, for example, the snow plow challenge where he kept hitting cars because he wasn’t looking where he wanted to go.

    Second, this is probably the first time any of the “Worst Driver” shows ever had a participant who was MADE into a “bad driver” following a near-death automobile accident. So the longer Aaron stays on the show, the longer the audience gets to see what happens to a victim of bad driving. Motor skills shot, reflexes diminished, memory issues, the works!

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Aaron becomes the next graduate despite not being entirely ready for the road. He did improve a lot over the previous episodes although it’ll probably be a tight race between him and Shirley (not sure considering Shirley’s catastrophic doughnut challenge based on the previews).

    But even if Aaron is part of the Final 3, considering his background, I’m not sure the judges will ever want to choose him as Canada’s Worst Driver. In fact, it would be a travesty if he got that distinction, rewarding the REAL worst drivers on the show: Afiya and Sly.

    Here’s hoping Aaron gets the boot for hanging around for too long! 🙂

  6. Okay, just watched episode 7. Now I’m REALLY scared!

    Afiya is from Montreal, I’m from Montreal.


  7. I just watched the last episode last night. Scary.
    How did those people get their driver’s license in the first place?
    And some of them should not have got their license back.

    • I agree that it was scary…for them AND for anyone near them. It’s not just about a show that entertains; it’s about real life driving skills. Learning the basic skills about hand-eye coordination needs to come back to them. They all got their licenses when traffic perhaps was lighter or in communities where it was easier to pass the test. Maybe the tests need to be more difficult or perhaps there needs to be mandatory re-testing? I’m not sure what will work the best, but as drivers, we need to keep an eye out for drivers like this who may be driving near us! Thanks for the comment.

  8. I need to say that I’m in love with Afiya!

    • Thanks for letting us know, John. Does your wife know?

  9. While the show is entertaining, I am scared that some of those people still have their license. I guess we should introduce retesting? No maybe good testing and not handing out licenses to everybody.

    • Good point Marrie.

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