Posted by: safedriver | June 13, 2011

We have spies among us

We’ve all been in situations where someone overhears our conversation with someone else. We often lower our voice so others won’t be able to hear us. We think we’re able to keep a secret from others. Well, that may work when you’re speaking, but it won’t necessarily work when you’re driving. That’s because we have spies among us!


My daughters take swimming lessons regularly and my wife and I take turns taking them to the pool. The drive is about 12 to15 minutes on a good day, but heavier traffic can make that a longer drive. The lessons are on Friday’s starting at 5:30, so that puts us directly into rush hour. Yuck! Who wants to do a drive on a Friday in rush hour if you don’t need to? We didn’t have a choice in this because of the other activities our kids are involved in, so we took this time on this day of the week.


It was my turn this particular week and my daughters noticed we were on our way just past 5:00. One of them commented that “We always leave with daddy at this time, but later with mommy”. I smiled from the driver’s seat and continued along our trek.


We got to the pool with almost 10 minutes to spare; enough time for my girls to put they swim bag in a locker and get out to the pool deck. Another one of my daughters said “We don’t have to run into the pool when daddy takes us”. I also ignored that comment, but smiled none the less. Whoever thought 9 year olds don’t listen and observe was wrong. Our kids watch us every moment, especially when we’re not paying attention to them.


I wonder what else they’ve noticed about our driving techniques. If I asked them, would they tell me mommy rolls through stops or speeds? I don’t think they’ll squeal on their mom, but it’s a good lesson for everyone to learn; you’re a role model for your kids, whether you like it or not. They’ll tend to copy or mirror what you do. Once they’re old enough to drive, they’ll probably pick up your bad habits too. And trust me, we all have bad habits in some form or another.


Set the bar high now, even before they reach age 10 and see where it takes you. Do and say the proper things when you’re driving with your kids. Keep your cell phone in your pocket or purse so they realize they shouldn’t use it while driving as well. Obey the rules of the road any time you’re out with your kids and use logic while driving to help you make the proper driving choices. You never know who could be spying on what you’re doing or saying.



  1. TY, TSD! U R so rite!! We raised 4 swimmer daughters, & they were always sharp!!! All R grown now, but we hav 4 grandchildren!!!! I recommend this: 750 FREE Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving! safety reminder stickers 2 place ON cells &/or drivers’ visors &/or 2 WEAR &/or 2 Share in strips of 5 or 10 or pages of 30 after Printing on Avery 5260 labels @

    where U will find the 2nd pdf has 30 site directions/ 8×11 paper so others can get their own 750! This IS a thrifty, cleaver activity 4 families 2 do 2gether 2 SAVE LIVES!! PLS keep it in mind!!! Over 500,000 stickers R in use around the world Printed from this site!!!!

    @ ANY venue, I recommend strips of 5 stickers placed in a basket 4 ppl 2 take as many as they can use, if they choose! Staff can Wear 1!!. A second basket could hold the single directions!!! STAY SAFE!!!!

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