Posted by: safedriver | March 7, 2011

You CAN fight against Murphy’s Law and win

Things happen for a reason. We all know that. We don’t have to like it, but we should at least accept it. Our friend Murphy always keeps us on our toes. You know what I mean; Murphy’s Law seems to rule our lives too many times. Since Murphy’s Law always seems to rear its ugly head, I try to keep ahead of it and stay positive. Do you do the same?

We had another dumping of snow lately and thinking about that freshly fallen snow on the road and the fact that some people still don’t have winter tires on their vehicle meant traffic may be traveling slowly. Murphy’s Law would mean that those drivers would be ahead of me. For those reasons, I left early.

Just after this new snow had fallen, our fine city workers were out in full force to keep our roads clear. The plows and sanders were pushing the snow out of our way in time to begin the Sunday journeys. This was unfortunately a poor time for all of us behind these plows. To my kids who were in the vehicle with me, it looked as if the plows were drag racing down a major road in my city. They were reaching top speeds of 10 km/h, and so were the dozens of vehicles following them; myself included.

Luckily, I had left for my destination with time to spare. Planning my route not only includes how I’m going to get to my destination, but it also includes estimating my travel time. For most people, the snow covered roads on a quiet Sunday morning would normally mean an easy trip across the city. But Murphy had to give us their two cents worth. If there’s a chance for something to hold you back from doing what you want to do or from getting somewhere, Murphy is the person to stop you.

I’m sure to the residents on the road we were traveling along; it looked like a parade was going by. My son suggested we drive around them by going around the block, but I decided to stay in line and be patient. Since Murphy was around this day, I figured that if I tried to go around the block, I would end up returning to the main road right where I left it; or further back perhaps. Patience is a big part of fighting back against Murphy. You need to outsmart him from time to time.

On this particular trip, I ended up reaching my destination on time. It may have been partly because I left early enough or partly because it was light Sunday traffic. But maybe the biggest reason was because “Marshall Law” was stronger than Murphy’s Law on this day.

**Need more patience, try these tips HERE



  1. While I enjoy reading ALL Ur Posts, I particularily “Liked” this 1! I found it taking me back 2 my childhood & talks w/ my dad. I 1c asked him WHY he left 4 work more than an hour B/4 his start time. He replied that he had a commute of an hour &, as head of a crew, he needed 2 make sure he arrived on time as an example 4 the others, EVEN if he ran in2 un4Cn traffic or an accident. Not 2 long afterwards, he came home 2 tell us of an accident he witnessed on the way 2 work, & how long it took 2 speak w/ the officers, etc., but that he DID manage 2 STILL get 2 work on time! Keep up the GRRRRRRRR8 Posts & STAY SAFE!!

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