Posted by: safedriver | December 10, 2010

What’s the hurry anyway?

Our society tells us that we live in busy times. With 4 kids all active with many activities, I totally believe the reports, but there has to be times that we need to slow down and enjoy the ride, right? I mean, speeding through busy roads and weaving throughout traffic doesn’t really help the situation, does it?

Take a look at this photo. More than one driver attempted to cross through the intersection, but since the other side was blocked with other vehicles, they ended up blacking the crosswalk and part of the intersection when the light changed to red. Why couldn’t these drivers see the traffic ahead of them was going to stop just past the crosswalk? Were they even paying attention to the flow of traffic or was the fact they were in a hurry too much for them to think logically and responsibly?

If you can anticipate what the flow of traffic may need to do up ahead of you, you can respond early and responsibly. If you look a few blocks ahead and see brake lights, reduce speed early because you know you’ll have to eventually. If you’re not sure if you can exit the intersection, wait on your side until you know you can safely enter and exit.

Take a look at the risk the pedestrians and cyclist have now. Why put them at this type of risk when you don’t need to? Being a courteous driver is a good quality. Do you possess this quality? Look at the confusion with the drivers and pedestrians. I’m sure some pedestrians would feel the need to walk outside of the crosswalk to get around these unthinking drivers. With the cross traffic also having to go around them, this blocked intersection is a big deal.

We’ve heard enough stories about how pedestrians have been struck by drivers. We sometimes believe that it was the pedestrian’s fault that caused this tragedy. But by the look of this photo, it was led by these driver’s actions. Give the pedestrians a chance to survive as they walk through crosswalks.

The moral of this lesson is to become a proactive driver. Look ahead and anticipate the actions of other drivers and respond early and with respect to pedestrians and other road users. Put the shoe on the other foot sometimes and think about how you would feel if the roles were reversed. As drivers, we always need to think like courteous drivers.



  1. TY, THE SAFE DRIVER, 4 the timely reminder! While every1 is out shopping 4 the PURRRRFECT gifts, often they 4get 2 keep their MINDS on the traffic around them… 1 of the biggest problems seems 2 B driving has Bcum AUTOMATIC, “Like” tying Ur shoes… If U make a mindless mistake w/ Ur laces, U get a do-over… IF U make an error while driving: CRASH!! STAY SAFE!!! THINK SAFETY B/4 & WHILE DRIVING!!!!

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