Posted by: safedriver | November 2, 2010

Canada’s Worst Driver….6?

So, season 6 of Canada’s Worst Driver on Discovery has begun. Apparently, they have a candidate by the name of Scott. This isn’t me. However, I was a judge for the first 3 seasons of Canada’s Worst Driver. The ‘Scott’ on season 6 is 25 and although I was 25 once before, that was a very long time ago!

Maybe, just maybe, this Scott may read some of my driving articles. It may just help him become a better driver. Hopefully before he or others get hurt or killed by his reckless driving. He says it’s time to change his behaviour, especially because of his young son.

Reading the profiles of these drivers on this year’s series, (, it still makes me wonder…why showcase your bad driving skills or negative personalities on national television?

Whatever their reasoning, the show will, I’m sure, keep your interest level. Here’s a challenge to you though. While watching the episodes, look at each driver and make a comparison to your own abilities. If there are some similarities between you and them, what will you do to change how you drive? I’ve said many times on previous episodes of Canada’s Worst Driver, plus to many of my student drivers; I can only teach you how to drive if you want to learn.

After all, no one wants to be called “Canada’s Worst Driver” now, do they?

This just in; Scott Schurink from Alberta was expelled from the show because of his past history. No one can, in their right mind, let a person like this get behind the wheel of any vehicle.

The finale: it was Lance Morin, but should it have been Dale Pitton? They both don’t deserve their license. Attitude and sheer driver intelligence, or lack thereof, will continue to cause chaos where ever they drive. Have they learned anything about theire driving abilty because of this show? Time will tell.



  1. Scott is no more. Thank god!

  2. We have a lot of really bad drivers in Manitoba.
    Why haven’t you included drivers from Manitoba?
    I can nominate a lot of people. I have been suspended 13 times. But I am a great driver.

    • We had Jodie from season 2 from Manitoba. I’m sure you could nominate many people and I’m sure they could nominate you, especilly with 13 suspensions.

  3. Mounties in Chestermere say, thanks to help from the public. they’ve made a huge drug bust. RCMP executed a search warrant on the weekend at a residence there and found several pounds of marijuana, along with drug paraphernalia and cash. Charged are 26 year old Scott Willem Schurink and 23 year old Devon Brajkovic. Both have been released on bail and will appear in Strathmore provincial court January 18th and March 1 of 2011.

  4. heard the latest? scott got arrested for drug trafficking

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