Posted by: safedriver | November 27, 2009

Time to do it now!

Don’t you just hate procrastinating? I was going to make a list of reasons why I procrastinate, but figured I’d do that later. Do we do that while driving? Do we wait until the last possible moment to do something, when we realize we should have done it sooner? I’m referring to drivers who are slowing down at the last second for drivers who have been slowing for a few seconds ahead of them. Why are they waiting until they’re almost on the bumper of the driver ahead of them before they slow down?

I witness this happening almost every day I drive. I see brake likes ahead of me, so I begin slowing down; often before the driver directly in front of me slows down. If you see brake lights ahead of you, shouldn’t logic tell you that you’ll have to slow down as well? Maybe more drivers need to learn to use logic before they get behind the wheel of the car.

Recently on my way home from work I had a driver behind me who would constantly brake late when ever I was braking. Maybe he wasn’t looking far enough ahead of them to see my brake lights, but it was getting serious as I had to ease off my brakes a few times so I could move forward to ensure they had enough time to stop. Once I had the chance, I pulled over to let them pass me. I didn’t want that risk behind me any longer.

The reality of many drivers is that if they keep moving, they feel they’re saving time. A solution; slow down early when you see a stoppage in the traffic. It may help you to keep moving, thus allowing you to feel that you’re saving time. It’s an illusion for the time savings, mainly because the traffic light will be red the same length of time, regardless of when you get there.

Is the reason the drivers don’t slow down because they’re on their cell phone? Is it because they’re having a conversation with their passenger? Is it because they’re day dreaming? This most likely is the reason why multiple vehicle crashes occur every day across our land; last minute decisions and responses. This needs to stop.

If just a few more drivers could begin slowing once they realize the traffic ahead of them is slowing or stopping, perhaps more crashes could be avoided. By slowing early, you can actually help to keep the traffic moving slowly and also help avoiding fuel wasting stops. See, you can save a few things if you stop procrastinating after all.


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